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Flying out in:

Where is the Dominican Republic?

Get ready for an incredible week of missions. We will be working with a church in Santo Domingo (the Capital City of The Dominican Republic). We will be teaming with the local youth group in that area and doing missions projects there. Below is more information about the specific projects. We will be staying in a hotel in Santo Domingo. We will keep this site up to date with the newest info about the trip.

Sign-Up and more Info Below!

Have more questions about WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? HOW?

Check out below!

If you still have questions Contact Pastor Josh

Who? (Youth and Chaperones)

This is a YOUTH TRIP so we will be taking High School students.


We will take 1 Chaperone per 1 Students. We can take as many Chaperones as needed above this ratio. If you are interested in going as an adult chaperone please discuss with Pastor Josh and make sure you have everything needed to go. You must complete the Background check and Youth Training in order to go.

All Chaperones must be 21 years of age or older, and we will also take 18-20 year olds as Youth Helpers for this trip too (They must also complete the necessary background and training)

Link for youth training and back ground check: CLICK HERE!

If you have any questions please feel free to talk with Pastor Josh.

What? (The Mission)

Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic. We will primarily be working in one city and its surrounding barrios: Santo Domingo. In both areas we will be doing all different types of Missions Projects below is the up-to-date list of missions projects:


-Medical Missions

-Kids Camps



-Installing Water Filters

-Cleaning and Small Building Projects

-Encouraging the Local Church

-Leading Worship and Preaching at the Local Churches

-Working with the Local Youth to help grow the Church

When? (Dates)

Dates for the trip: March 30th - April 7th


Sign up: NOW - NOV 25th (Sign-Up below)

IF YOU PLAN TO GO ON THIS TRIP PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A VALID PASSPORT. The Passport cannot expire within 6 months of our trip or they will not allow you to board the plane. PLEASE APPLY FOR YOUR PASSPORT NOW - JAN in order to have it in time!

We will be leaving in accordance with our flight times. In order to plan each person would need to commit to being gone March 30th - April 7th UNLESS OTHERWISE APPROVED BY PASTOR JOSH. (There may be a situation where you need to fly at another time but that needs to be discussed in detail with Pastor Josh prior to signing-up.)

Each person will also need to commit to helping fundraise and being at the preparation meetings. We will meet approximately 10 times between now and when we leave. Meeting schedule will be given at the first team meeting. (If you have to miss a meeting, please prearrange with Pastor Josh so we can get the necessary information to you or arrange for you to FaceTime into the meeting.)

Where? (Housing)

Santo Domingo (the capital city)


Reservations are made to stay in Santo Domingo at the Missionary Housing from the Local Church. We will have groups (male and female) in bunk bed style sleeping arrangements. 

How? (Cost)

This trip will cost approximately $1200. This is an estimate to cover everything you will need except for a passport and personal supplies. This includes Travel, Lodging, Supplies, and Food (Food will be prepared by the mission house for us each day). 


You can pay in payment plans if you would like but will will also be doing fundraisers between now and the time we leave. Please don't let this number scare you... If God wants you to go He will provide the way, so pray and seek God in this area!


Payment Plan:

(Each Payment can break down weekly or lump sum)

- $150 - Due by Nov. 25th (Deposit that everyone MUST pay. CANNOT come from Fundraisers)

-$300 - Due throughout the Month of Dec. (This can come from Fundraisers)

-$300 - Due throughout the Month of Jan. (This can come from Fundraisers)

(We will FINALIZE Airline Tickets in the first week of DECEMBER)

-$300 - Due throughout the Month of FEB. (This can come from Fundraisers)

-$150 - Due before we leave in March If needed.(This can come from Fundraisers)



If you have concerns about cost please talk with Pastor Josh.

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Waiver and Med. Form

Student Permissionand Med. Form

You must also fill out the missions packet and turn it in to Pastor Josh. Ask pastor Josh for a copy!

What to Pack:

1. Clothes 

-Wear something you can get wet/dirty (It will be HOT so decent shorts and t-shirts).

-Sunday clothes for Church (Optional)

-Rain Jacket (Optional)

-Bathing Suit

-COMFORTABLE SHOES!!! We will be walking all day.

2. Bible

3. MoneY

-Approximately $100-$200 could be more or less depending on what you get.

-We will exchange money there but a lot of places will accept American Dollars and Cards.

4. MEDICINES(If Needed)

5. Permission Form (MUST BE 2019)

6. Sunscreen

7. sunglasses

8. hat

9. water bottle

10. More to come!

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